Thursday, December 18, 2008

Advent Songs?

Our nightly advent routine includes various prayers followed by song. I like to sing O Come, O Come Emmanuel. Well, a while back the Conqueror decided he needed to sing a song he learned in Atrium. I am unclear on the exact tune, as it changes nightly, but the words are along the lines of "Light one candle for Hope, Light one candle for Peace, Light one Candle for Joy...." So, now it starts out that he and Biki each sing their own version of "Light one Candle" followed by a family rendition of "O Come Emmanuel." Well this evening after their turns Beanie decides she's just got to have a turn singing. So, I tell her to go ahead, thinking she's going to sing one of those two songs. No, she busts out with "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells....HEY!" I just had to tell her she did a great job. No matter that Jingle Bells is the most secular song in the whole holiday repertoire. It was darn cute!

Another Beanie beaut: She'll talk to someone on the phone and say Hi and then go immediately into "good" as though they asked her how she was- even if they didn't. So tonight with Grandma I hear her on the phone with no pauses, "Hi Grandma Good." There was no time for Grandma to even ask her how she was!

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