Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Delusions of Grandeur

Beanie, the 4 year old, is in the wedding obsession phase of life right now. I don't think I ever went through this phase, but my daughters seem to. Anyway, she's obsessed with the fact that she's never been a flower girl and doesn't have any immediate prospects either.

"Mom, when am I going to be a flower girl?"
"I don't know Beanie. I don't know anyone getting married."
Audible sigh and eye roll from her. "That princess should have asked me!"

You know that princess of England? That one. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised considering that Beanie talks regularly of wanting to be a princess when she grows up. I feel like I must have done something wrong somewhere! : )

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No B.S.!!!!!!!!!!

I am a sucker for a modesty discussion on a blog. I feel VERY strongly about modesty when apparently the whole world does not. I want to scream when I see young tweens and teens dressing like hoo.kers. (Can I say that in a family blog? Oh well, I just said BS)
Now, as background you should know I love being on the anti-bikini bandwagon. The other day I supported an older mother whose daughter was complaining to me, in front of her mom, that her mom wouldn't let her wear one and her jaw dropped when I said her mom was dead right. I think the daughter somehow thought that because I was younger I would be on her side. Sorry kid, I speak truth to power on this subject when ever I can.

The other day I was shopping at a resale shop for a suit for Biki and the lady kept pushing "inappropriate" swimwear to me. "But look, this one is so cute and it's Li.ly Pulli.tzer, even if it is a midriff baring one!" Like I am going to lower my standards because its a freaking designer suit. Anyway, I finally had to set her straight, lovingly of course, that I was the type of mother who would never let her daughter wear a bikini EVER when she lived under my roof. Yes, I said that. And then I heard another lady start going "Woot, Woot! Me too!" in the next aisle. It was hilarious. Then she said the saying in her house was "Modest is hottest." Ok, not exactly what we're going for but I appreciated that moment of solidarity. I can't understand why it is ok to wear something to the pool that you would NEVER, EVER, answer your front door in. Oh wait you mean people just don't normally walk around in their undies? But I digress.

Getting back to the title of this post, I was recently reading a post by a mother agonizing about whether or not to let her daughter wear a bikini. Why people agonize over this, I don't know. Perhaps because my 4 sisters and I emerged unscathed and empowered from a no bikini rule that I have no problems with enforcing one. This post was tortured in nature, and I didn't comment. BUT I saw the most awesome comment about a modesty rule that I wanted to share with you, my 10 dear readers. Are you ready?

*No Bellies Showing
*No Bra Straps Showing
*No Breasts Showing (i.e. cleavage)
*No Backsides showing
*No Bums/Bottoms showing

THIS IS PURE GENIUS! I am totally stealing it and promoting it. The mother also said she strove to balance the rule with cute shoes/ accessories/ coverups for the pool so the girls still felt trendy. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

That is all!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just one of the kids....

My 6 ft 3 inch brother came to visit this weekend with my parents. The best part about having a "baby brother" is that my children really think that he is one of them. They chide him for taking more breakfast sausages then they are allowed to have because "Kids only get two!". They wondered if he was old enough to "stay at home by hisself." And they use phrases like "we" when talking about childhood adventures because they consider him to be one of them.

I hope he isn't offended, it is just their of way of showing acceptance! The best part was when I told them to prepare that he'd be sleepy after just finishing exams. All they wanted to know was whether they could put Bean.ie Bab.ies all over him just like he used to do to me when I would pass out on the floor from post exam exhaustion. Ahh...family traditions.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Man oh Man!

My little friend Momo has this most hilarious habit involving the frustration of her will to dominate the world. Whenever she is told something the conversation always goes something like this:

"Momo, we can't go outside right now."
"OH, MAN!"

You really have to get the inflection, I will have to post audio.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sanity Fail!

Taking four children to S.ams.Club right after school. I even gave out cookies in an attempt to keep the 2 year old in the cart. If you were theer and heard an angry toddler screaming on every aisle about the fact that she wanted to use the "baby potty" in the family restroom, yeah, that would have been us.