Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

We're getting pumped for Baby Jesus' birthday tomorrow! The cake is made and frosted and all the baby Jesuses (I am not exactly sure of the plural of Jesus) are in their beds.

Beanie is eating this up!! To sort of sum up this evening we sang a bunch of religious carols before reading the Gospel stories and inserting Jesus around the house. Well, she loves song because it causes her to dance. So, as we are singing the carols she's spinning and dancing so much that she runs into a side table and knocks off the candle holder. That pretty much sums up the hysteria. She's going to freak out at the stable at church tomorrow!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A well balanced diet makes you fast!

My Chinese friend always rolls her eyes at the mere mention of Chinese food since it is absolutely nothing like real Chinese food- there are no heavy, heavy sauces etc. and it is mostly vegetables and meat over rice. Anyway, whenever we eat Chinese food I talk about this with the kids and the Conqueror is very interested in the whole concept. Well, we finally found a place that delivers and we had some yesterday. There are actually a ton of fresh vegetables in it with the sauces and I was happily surprised to get some vitamin A and C with my MSG. Anyway, we had leftovers for lunch and the Conqueror was happily eating away. "Mom," he said, "this is really like real Chinese food. There are tons of vegetables in it!! This must be why the ninjas were so good!!" Forget Popeye...we eat vegetables around here so we can be ninjas!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The nurturer

Everyone is enthralled with the nativity set we just put out......getting a head start on the Second Sunday of Advent. Anyway, Biki came in with Mary and Baby Jesus and asked me to figure out how to get Mary to hold baby Jesus....sadly I couldn't make it work, but that's a great idea for someone to make! Biki loves babies, particularly Momo. She will just walk up to her and say, "I love you so much I don't know what to do!!"

Beanisms for fun:

Beanie can you please make the salad (before you are too impressed it just involved cutting open a Cesar salad kit)? "Sure, but can I dance while I am doing it?" Then she danced a few twirls on the way to the fridge.

We were watching some other kids and a movie was put on to preserve sanity. Beanie was watching the movie and another little kid entered the room with one of her toys. She immediately ran to me in the other room, "Hey!!! He's got my top!" To which I replied, "You don't need it, you're watching a movie." The response? "Oh." And she turned and ran back to the movie.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Cricket Magazines for kids...they have neat looking ones for 6-9 year olds on exploration and science. The problem is do you spend the $ when you aren't really sure if it is what you want. I heard good things on a blog....but is that enough? Have any of you had experience with their magazines??