Friday, December 17, 2010


It is 11:30pm on a Friday night and I am downstairs with a very awake Momo. Momo doesn't go to bed very well for babysitters so I made sure she had a good, long, and late nap. It would have been the perfect scenario if we had actually used the babysitter. But sadly, my husband was called in early this morning and spent all day in the OR. Didn't get home until an hour and half after the Christmas party was supposed to start and was slightly tired after 4 hours of sleep last night. He goes weeks without being called in and I always get slightly annoyed having to pretend that he's not going to be around when he's on call (which seems like all the time except two weekends a month). But then you have a time when you make plans even though he's on call and get burned and it all makes sense. At least it was just an office party. I am pretty sure the other surgeons understand! : )

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bottom of the Barrell

I haven't gone grocery shopping this week (see below re: sick children) so we have no food. So....Beanie asked me what was for lunch.

"Mom..what's for lunch?"
"I don't know we don't have any food."
Beanie opens the fridge, "We've got food Mom. There's salami, ketchup, and Guinness. You're so silly!"

That's my girl.

The Grinch

Lately I have just been grousing about how much I hate the commercialism of Christmas. I am thinking that gift giving isn't my love language right now. I stress about getting the kids too much or too little or over emphasizing or underemphasizing gifts and Santa and baby Jesus. And I hate all the 80 million errands I have to run. Well, I don't really hate errands, I just hate running errands with a 20 month old who tries to jump out of the cart, hides in clothing racks, and screams when she can't buy every "rella" thing or pink purse she sees at TJ maxx. It just seems like we're either going strong, too strong, or sick at home and unable to run all those errands that need to get done. (we've had 5 sick days in the last two weeks!)

I AM trying to ramp it into high gear...we did a little baking (thank you premade sugar cookie dough, I am not afraid to cut corners), I let the kids wrap their own gifts (talk about abandonment), and sometimes I wear a Santa hat. HO HO HO!!

Truly, the kids are getting super excited about our upcoming trip. They are OBSESSED with the advent calendar and wreath and every day I find our nativity set in a different pose (sheep on the roof, sheep in baby Jesus' manger, conga line etc.. We even started listening to some carols in the car just to get pumped up. We still haven't decorated much but since the pink candle is lit I had better get cracking!!!

Have I told you that Momo's name for Beanie is actually "Me"? That sort of gets confusing after a while. You never know if she's talking about herself or her sister and they are together all the time.

In other news, I recently went grocery shopping on a Friday night. That was sort of sad....the two songs "All the lonely people" from the Beatles and Garth Brooks' "I am much too young to be this damn old" kept going through my head. To top it all off the next day the Conqueror asked me if I was alive during WW II and later that day Beanie asked me if I had ever seen a dinosaur!! : )

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scenes from the food warehouse

*Santa Claus in full regalia except hat was buying three large vats of candy canes. It was sort of an awkward moment for everyone under 5. He uses Mastercard by the way. Priceless.

*A mean man... why do people berate their spouses and children in public. I can only imagine what he does in private. For once I remembered to pray.

*Why at the store with the absolute biggest cart that can fit both little girls do they insist on not wanting to sit up front? The carts are much shallower here too, so basket sitting is discouraged. So essentially I walked the aisles with Momo under my arm.