Saturday, July 14, 2012

Future En Are Ay Members

As some of you may know, my dear husband if very proud of his membership in a certain 2nd amendment supporting organization.  This interest in hunting and the right to bear arms has, not surprisingly, taken root in our children. 

Exhibit A:
The Conqueror has encyclopedic knowledge of all the weapons used during World War II, including artillery on all military aircraft since the inception of military aircraft.  I have seen him tested by people and he can just spit the stuff back.  Crazy.  He's also taken a hunter safety course, practiced shooting (with parental supervision of course) and is eager for his first hunt whenever it may be.

Exhibit B:
Biki cannot wait to go hunting with her Daddy.  She goes past woods and says things like, "I can't wait to go hunting there.  I bet there are some big fat deer in there!"  Did I mention she is a total carnivore?   Once at about two her dad was cleaning some doves he had shot (yes, people kill the bird of peace) and she was entranced.  I was pregnant at the time and literally had to leave the premises due to the gore involved (I have a very weak stomach for meat while pregnant) but Biki just kept watching her dad rip out the meat and remarked, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM....YUMMY!"

Exhibit C:
Beanie packing heat at the soccer game at age three. (It is a toy cap gun just so nobody calls CPS.)

Exhibit D:

Yesterday I was nursing the baby down for a nap while Momo was supposed to be taking a nap.  I kept hearing her whimpering so I asked what was the matter.  The following ensued:

Me: What's the matter Momo?
Momo (in a whiny voice):  I am so sad I can't have a gun.
Me: A what?
Momo: A gun.
Me: You want a GUN?
Momo:  Yes, a He.llo Kit.ty one for my birthday but you won't get it for me.  (Dang straight kid.)
Me: What do you want a gun for?
Momo: So I can go hunting with my daddy and shoot deer.