Saturday, December 13, 2008

We're not in Tysons anymore Toto

Today's activities went a bit longer than planned. We arrived so late at confession that we ended up staying for mass since a friend volunteered to help with the kids. So, as a treat I decided we'd go to the mall and eat at the food court. I wanted to make a return anyway.

Well, as we were finishing up dinner and getting ready to leave a nasty fight broke out between two young women. It started with woman screaming and then taking off her jacket and posturing..."you wanna start somethin'?" and then they went at it. I have never seen people fight like that in real life. The mall rent a cops came very quickly and subdued one of the girls immediately. It was getting nasty, men holding babies were trying to break it up too, so we high tailed it out of there. Mall cops were running in from all over. Anyway, I have new respect for mall cops. I also realized that it is stupid to go to the mall at night with my small kids. They were very disturbed by the fight and didn't understand why someone would do that.

As my Mastercard bills can attest, I am an excellent shopper, particularly when I am bored or lonely. Toledo found us at the mall at least once, maybe twice a week. The kids have fond memories of the food court. But lesson learned, this mall is too close to an urban area. I read enough in the local paper to know that there are lot of people packing heat around here, and we're not talking conceal weapons permit. I don't want to endanger my kids just to keep the peace around here. Next time we'll go to the drive thu at Mickey D's!!!

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