Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Am I crazy?

I had to make a return this evening and I was pretty exhausted from Christmas parties, watching a friend's children on the playground, and double carpools. So....I decided to take the kids out to eat by myself. To a real resturaunt, with no children's menu. Now I know this lovely asian institution does have sippy cups but still. It actually could have gone worse. Bean stayed in her chair until I was signing the check and a minimum of rice ended up on the floor. I paid for my indescretions when I actually made the return after dinner. At that point I had three hooligans running around the store hiding in displays. I am sure people were wondering what my damage was attempting to shop with all 3 of them. I left in hurry!

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South Paw said...

No you're not crazy but attempting to retain sanity! Sounds like precious Bean was in top form...and you say I don't pray enough for her!!!!:)