Friday, June 22, 2012

Quick Takes- Fortnight for Freedom Edition

  1. Tell me you know about the Fortnight for Freedom.  Please.
**Umm, yeah, that includes catholics.

2.  I can't understand why people, catholics in particular, aren't more concerned about this recent intrusion on our RIGHT to the free exercise of our religion.

3. Have you noticed commentators talking about the "freedom of worship"?  Newsflash...that's not the text of the 1st amendment.  Read it yourself.  It talks about the establishment of a national religion (bad) and the free exercise of your religion (good).  Presumably the freedom to worship is part of the 1st amendment, but our 1st amendment freedom is way more.  I think they just want people to be able to pray in their church or bedroom but not have their faith inform the rest of their life.  Sorry, but I am fairly certain that loving God with my "whole mind, heart, and soul" is going to carry over into my public life.

4. Ok, now that we've had our civics lesson let's talk about how I am actually making tshirts to wear to a local rally.  Me, who never makes anything.  I got the iron on transfer printout idea from my dear friend who did something similar a while back.

5.  This is what happens to dorks like me who like nothing better than to talk about religion and politics and studied the founders in college.  I decided to use the two graphics above on my tshirts for me and the kids because I thought they were more warm and fuzzy than the others I found here.

6.  But they are pretty cool.

7.  In closing, if you don't think this HHS mandate thing is a big deal, you really aren't thinking about it enough.  I am ramping up the prayer and sacrifice this fortnight and am going out next Wednesday to exercise my 1st amendment rights in defense of my first amendment rights.  And you know what?  I am doing it for the children, because this is their America to inherit and I want them to have the same freedoms I had growing up.  That is looking increasingly unlikely, but I owe it to them to at least try to change things.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If you have nothing nice to say....

...Say nothing at all!

That might be why I haven't been blogging despite the fact that my better half now lives 8+ hours away.  I usually blog up a storm when he's gone, but I just don't have it in me!

But things are looking up around here.  Contract on the house looks good, a moving date has been secured along with a new domicile across the culdesac from an acquaintance with 5 kids and a park out back.  Whew!

So without further ado I give you a Momoism.


An older sibling was informed none too nicely to get pick up a mess that Momo had made earlier.  I had indeed asked her to start picking it up but she was either a)being too slow or b)I gave up being consistent and passed the job on to someone older and somewhat more responsible. (I think the former makes me look somewhat better...but anyway.)

I yelled at the Conqueror to put the Memory cards in the "dang" tin.  Except I didn't use the word dang.  The word I used rhymed with ram. 

Momo immediately got irate, threw up her hands and said, "MOM!  You told me to put the cards in the d@^^ tin!"  Of course, everyone started laughing, except Momo, who had no idea that she just said a bad word.  Yup, laughter at swearing three year olds.  That's where we are at right now.   Perhaps I should take another blogging hiatus.