Friday, January 2, 2009

GastroIntestinal Delights and Horrors

I loved visiting NOVA and eating at all of my old favorite haunts....Tex/Mex, Chinese, Thai, Pizza, and Trader Joes. It was delicious!!

Then we traveled south and I discovered there's a reason you only see Cracker Barrels south of Richmond. After seeing the 100th one on our drive down advertising breakfast all day the kids got it in their head that they really needed to try it out. So, after hour 8 I gave in and we stopped at one for dinner. BIG MISTAKE. I knew I had visions of hating Cracker Barrell as a 15 year old traveling to HHI with my grandparents but it was all sort of blurry. I should have never given in. The menu is disgusting. There is nothing fresh- it is all fried this, fried that- all the vegetables look like they came out of a can. UGH. The only fresh looking thing on our whole table was the lettuce and tomato for my BLT. Everything else was a nasty shade of brown- not just our table but on everyone else's too! Plus, it was loud, dirty and slow. ARGH. But hey, the kids loved it. I hate to sound mean, but there's a reason people in the south are heavier- I mean if you eat like that it is bound to happen.

Sorry, but I had to get that off my chest.

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South Paw said...

i never want to step foot into one- thanks for vindicating me. one of your family members got ill from CB's fried catfish!