Friday, March 27, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm

We've been without a TV for a while now. I guess its been about a month and I really haven't noticed.

I never set out to be totally anti-television it has just sort of happened. First we stopped letting the kids watch it except for movies on the weekends and then we moved here with so few channels and such bad reception that all we ever watched was GlobeTrekker on PBS and football. Then of course was the digital switchover and we were left with one pathetic channel. I didn't want to get cable and there was no funding for those little converter box coupons for the government so I went without. The fact of the matter is that since P. has been gone I can't recall ever watching the tv. We only have it on for "movie nights." (Before you feel sorry for me I can assure you that I waste a heck of a lot of time on the Internet!)

Long story short my coupon from the government arrived yesterday. I can go get my box courtesy of the stimulus package. I guess I sort of feel guilty. Why should the government (make that Joe Taxpayer) subsidize my ability to watch crap? I suppose I could just go buy a box outright and let the coupon expire but I don't feel strongly enough about tv to want to shell out $40 bucks so I can watch it.

Decisions, decisions. This whole thing of being "in the world, but not of the world" can be confusing at times. I know we're supposed to be countercultural and all, but I don't want to be going overboard. At least I have until June 22nd to make up my mind...that's the day the coupon expires!

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South Paw said...

I've been battling internally this issue as well. We haven't had a TV for a little while and had a crummy craig's list tv for about 7 mos.. I surprised J w/ it for Father's day b/c he wanted to watch sports. I chucked it for the same reasons and the picture was terrible. I think if both spouses are committed to very limited times of viewing and teach the fam that it is a very ocassional treat, it can be a tool for temperance. But for that same reason, it worries me if the devil box were to return to our house:) Did you ever hear about that vision re: Santa Chiara? Also, I keep thinking of a friend of no creed that attended the school with me in Sevilla; he was very kind,innocent in a great way,intelligent and very intellectually curious. My other friends and I finally figured out that for one thing he never had a TV growing up! He was so cool!!!