Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scenes from family adoration....

in which I stupidly took the kids to mass first and got them Chic-fil-A complete with a shared milkshake in honor of the solemnity before arriving at the adoration.

*Biki has taken to burping for attention on a regular basis. After initially being concerned about her gastro-intestinal health I am fairly sure it is now a question of one real burp being followed by 100 manufactured ones. They always occur during church. Anyway, it was really great tonight, a whole chorus. When censured she claims she can't help it and then proceeds to do a few quietly and into her hand before commencing with the loud ones. I was becoming exasperated with all 3 of them and finally started giving her "strikes out"....let's just say she made it to strike 3- which means a punishment. Immediately after I whispered, "Ok, that's strike 3", i.e. you are going to get it, she lets another one rip and announces, "That's strike 4!" Holy terror! Good thing she redeemed herself later on and proceeded to say a Hail Mary out loud in front of the whole church as part of the rosary decade. May God put this tenacity to good use for the building of the kingdom! ARGH.

*Beanie was jumping over the pew in front of us multiple times and I couldn't escape as I had been boxed in on both sides. She just kept climbing with her legs up in the air. When the deacon gave a little reflection on Lent and Easter he mentioned something about Easter coming soon. Well, she heard that. She holds up both hands, yells "Easter's coming soon!" and then puts them on her face ala "The Scream." Then she repeats this multiple times. We finally went to the back for a while.

* During adoration Beanie was obsessed with the fact that Jesus got moved out of the "gold box" which I kept describing as the tabernacle. Well, at the end as Our Lord is being put back she yells out, "They are putting Jesus back in the microwave." Not exactly....but in her defense our microwave is stainless there's a correlation.

*During mass earlier after communion Bean was watching the distribution of the Precious blood intently. She then announced to me, rather loudly, "You didn't get your blood of Christ!"


:o) mg said...

How do you keep from laughing out loud ALL THE TIME?
Of course I realize that it isn't quite as humorous to "the one in charge" as it is to "those on the outside looking in", but this is good stuff.
I'm thinking Catholic Comic strip here. Sort of like Baby Blues, only with a Catholic theme.

Enthusiasm said...

I would have BURST out laughing if I had heard that! Beanie is so funny. I miss those kids!