Friday, March 13, 2009

Bean....waking up

Her first words this morning:

"I wanna get my feet washed at church!" I knew immediately she was talking about Holy Thursday. Being a wimp and not wanting to get into the theological implications of women getting their feet washed on the male priesthood, apostolic succession, etc. I didn't really answer anything more than "oh, I don't know...hmmm."

Undeterred, she responded, "I ask Fr. Jerry?"

Flashback....for those who don't know....when Adele was 2.5 we did a noon Holy Thursday mass at the Walter Reed Hospital Chapel. It was an extremely small crowd and they were asking for volunteers for the feet washing. The Conqueror initially wanted to do it and then backed out. But Biki, in a sudden burst of fearlessness, exclaimed she wanted to do it and was up there before I could stop her. Of course everyone thought it was so cute and I was mortified...but she did the whole thing and walked back to her seat triumphant. Perhaps they have been sharing all this with Beanie.

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South Paw said...

so cute--I love that child's moxy!