Monday, March 23, 2009

Marriage Madness

Nothing like an upcoming family wedding to get everyone excited!

After the news broke I was getting asked a million questions. "Will we take an airplane? Yes. Will I be in the wedding? Hold your horses, mommy didn't even have a ringbearer or a flower girl. Will I get a new dress? Possibly. Will our cousins be there? Yes.

People were crying when they realized they wouldn't be attending the celebratory brunch. Like I was going to drive to Chicago 38 weeks pregnant with no Paul. I love you guys and all but....

The cutest wedding mania story concerned Beanie. She doesn't miss a trick and absorbs everything. She may not have any wedding experiences to draw on but she immediately got what was going on. So on Sunday morning Biki decided to dress Beanie in the flower girl dress she wore as a flower girl in the last family wedding. Beanie was very proud of the little pink and white dress and showed it off like a real pro. I think she gets lessons from her big sister. Anyway, we're on our way to mass and Beanie starts bawling when she realizes where we are going. Turns out she thought she was going to the wedding!!! For some reason she gets that Daddy doesn't come home for a while, that vacation is after Daddy returns, but thinks the wedding is tomorrow. So cute!

We also heard a rumor that the happy couple wanted to have their wedding at San Juan Capistrano which we have been reading about lately in the lovely book Song of the Swallows by Leo Politi. I highly recommend the book if you can get your hands on it. I am eyeing a copy on ebay! When the kids heard about the possible location they went bonkers! The conqueror's eyes were literally as big as silver dollars. They all wanted to know if the swallows would still be there since they leave in late summer. We have been searching for footage of their arrival on St. Joseph's day but haven't found it yet. Anyway, the excitement mounts hourly around here!

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