Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sometimes Ignorance is Bliss, Pt. 2

I asked children to go wash up before dinner. No problem, right? I have been trying to be better about this recently.

Anyway, Beanie ran in first, ostensibly to get the job done. Biki came in a few seconds later and announced, "Gross! Beanie's putting her hand in the toilet!!" She was using toilet water to wash her hands!! I guess that whole concept of using the stool to reach the sink was too much for her.

I really wonder how many times this has happened before. What's even more disturbing is that certain parties have a real hard time with the "Wipe, Flush, Wash" mantra. I often find a toilet in need of a flush. YIKES.

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South Paw said...

that is need to set up the montessori little table with soap h20 and towel for beanie!