Friday, January 16, 2009


"I love you SO much mom" as I put on Cinderella for the second day in a row. I know, what happened...I used to have standards. She keeps saying how much she loves me....I think it is because I have been sick. It is so cute.

"I flying!" as she runs around the house in fairy wings from room to room.

"I want my daddy time!" She is constantly asking about daddy. When will he be back, when is he coming home, how long, when will he see her. There is no danger of her forgetting is cute but almost exhausting to answer her constant inquiries about it. She tells everyone she meets, or doesn't even meet for that matter- she just has to see them in a store and make eye contact, "My dad's in Iraq and I want him back!" She parrots the line from the book we have on the subject.

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