Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Do unto others....

One thing the kids learned in Montessori school was how to think of others. Conqueror's teacher reports he's a super friend to all in the classroom, always willing to lend a hand, help others etc. I see the same thing in all of the kids in their sibling interactions. The conqueror was home sick today, very ill in bed, and the Bean kept worrying about him, talking about the fact he's sick, and going up to "look at him". She'd prop her head on her hands at the edge of the bed just sort of looking at him. And she'd try to get him to smile when he would pass in and out of consciousness. Then when we were picking up Biki the Conqueror wanted to know how her classroom interactions went. Turns out there's a "mean girl" who says that she'll only play with kids who bring in PB sandwiches. So, he was concerned that Biki would be ostracized on the playground for bringing in her salami sandwich. It was cute to her them talk about it. The Bik was also trying very hard to make her brother feel better- cracking jokes, smiling, chatting with him while he lied around. Next time they all start pummeling and screaming at each other I will try to remember that they often get along well and play together for hours!

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