Monday, January 19, 2009

Cousin Frenzy!

The kids love being the big cousins! They had a blast with their cousins yesterday and today. They rarely get to see their own big cousins, so this was a chance for them to really get into it. Poor cousin C got bossed around a lot but seemed agreeable to the whole scene.

After they left the Conqueror was really emotional the rest of the day. He cried that they left and kept saying things reminded him of them. At dinner he started crying again pointing to places around the kitchen when he remembered his cousin playing and me sitting around talking to his Aunt and Uncle. The poor kid!! Yesterday after mass he kept saying that he saw dad in the rain. Fleshing the point out, it turns out that rain reminds him of going to Dr.'s appointments at Walter Reed when we would get to go see Dad at work. I just keep assuring him that it is ok to miss dad, but I think he keeps bottling it up and then has these intermittent explosions. Poor kid, I don't know where he gets it from! ; ) (It is not the pregnant me, I just explode all the time!)

On a lighter note, this visit gave the Bean the realization about what my name is, my name besides Mommy. I kept hearing her saying it this afternoon but let it go. Then, she got in trouble for ripping up oatmeal packets and eating them in the pantry and I forced her to apologize. I said, "Tell Mommy you're sorry!" She quickly replied, "Sorry, Meggie!" Now I am trying to nip it in the bud, since she realized that I was amused and kept calling me Meg another ten times. Cheeky one!


Sara said...

So funny! Poor "Conqueror"! I wish he was old enough to fly up and visit us, or M and B could visit you, or we all could... sigh... so far.

South Paw said...

Poor buddy--I bet it is so hard on him! That is funny to hear my goddaughter do that b/c my friend's daughter did the same thing right about that age, too.