Saturday, January 3, 2009

The ebb and flow of toddler independence

We're having a lazy morning and I command the older ones to get dressed and tell the Bean in passing that she too needs to get dressed soon, thinking we'd do it together. Well, about 10 minutes later she comes down in a fully coordinated outfit asking for help buttoning her sweater. I ask Biki if she got her dressed and she tells me Bean did it all by herself.

I praise Bean profusely and congratulate myself that I have a two year old who can dress herself perfectly. Man, these Montessorians must be onto something! A few minutes later I am cleaning out the sink in the bathroom upstairs and hear "Mommy, poopy!" I run downstairs thinking she needs a change, as I round the corner I see, in her room, her sack and her diaper and realize what I am about to encounter. Yes, a #1 and #2 done in her pants, sans diaper, in the sun room. Oh joy.

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