Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One more thing...

Christmas baking is really overrated. One woman just can't singlehandedly save her children from the evils of sugar and simultaneously allow them the fun and experience of holiday baking without gaining some serious weight. I know, I am a hero, but these 12 days of Christmas have taken their toll! Just kidding...the original plan was to send some out and then give them to the neighbors, but some started going stale, others got burned, and some just looked bad (i.e. I gave way on my control issues and let them actually do it.).

Resolved, next year to make only one batch of my husband's favorites, allow the kids to decorate cookies (the kind I hate) once and freeze them to last all season, and one birthday cake for baby Jesus. Otherwise, no baking unless someone comes over for dinner.

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:o) mg said...

make things you don't have to bake... like the oreo truffles King made.... 1 pkg oreos, 1 pkg cream cheese (crush oreos, blend well with softened cream cheese)... Roll into small bite sized balls (they can help do this part) then dip in melted chocolate and cool. Store in fridge or give away or ... well, yes, they do add pounds, but they are majorly edible.