Saturday, January 2, 2010

Candyland is for losers....

I hate Candyland. It is a never ending preschool game but now I don't think I will ever have to play again and I am an ecstatic. No more endless reshufflings of the deck as I try in vain to get all the dreaded picture cards to the bottom of the deck. It never works because someone always pulls the damned lollipops. So then I try stealing the cards out of the deck and the kids get suspicious. (Don't judge me.)

Enter Jenga. I LOVE JENGA! It has a start, a finish, and my kids can all play it. They think setting it up is fun and they don't cry when they lose because it makes a big loud noise.

I love my husband for suggesting it as a Christmas gift and for freeing me from candyland.


Anonymous said...

I am in hysterics as I have been there, done that and as recently as December with #4 grandchild who only wants the picture cards no matter the order. Your lollipops comment is still making me chuckle!! What is this new game? Sounds great. Have you cracked out the Memory game I sent? love to all.

:o) mg said...

I nearly had to laminate our stupid queen frostine card when my oldest was 4. ugh. needless to say, I have not exposed these last two to CL.
The only thing with Jenga is that if someone small uses the blocks as a teething instrument, it won't stack right.