Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bathtime snapshot

As I got the little girls out of the bath last night I grabbed the baby and directed the 3 year old to get her towel and go put on her pajamas. As I was dressing the baby in my room the three year old appeared with a white towel over her head.
"Why aren't you dressed Beanie?" I asked.
"Mom, I am Jesus Christ!!" she exclaimed.
"No you're not!"
"Am I saint?"
"Not yet."
Then she scoots it off of her head and goes for the loincloth look, "Look, I am Jesus Christ on the cross!"
I love that I get exactly what she's thinking...the white towel reminded her of Jesus' garments. Anyway, I shooed her away, dressed the baby, and went to assist her in dressing.
While I was clothing the naked I hear, "Mom, Momo's in the bathtub!" I run in there and Momo has somehow propelled herself int0 the empty, yet still wet, tub. (thank you guardian angel that I usually always drain the tub) Her sack wet, she has to be dressed again for bed. Never a dull moment! P. once described Beanie as our most goal oriented child, but that was before we met Momo. I have a feeling that these two are going to be serious partners in crime in the very near future.


Aunt Kathleen said...

That is so funny!! I love her!!! They will be trouble makers for sure!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this site!! I just ache for those babies and this really fills a bit of the hole!! Gives those babes a big hug and kiss from "Glama".