Saturday, August 28, 2010

The diamond of great dollar value....not to be confused the pearl of great price

I lost my engagement diamond. The setting had gotten loose and I brought it to a local jewler who replaced all my prongs for $127. I got it back the day before my 9th anniversary. It was clean and beautiful and sparkly...and I was attached to it. (That would be the opposite of detached.)

Then, two weeks and 1 day later I noticed that it was loose again. I was driving afternoon carpool with 7 rowdy kids in the car (no..they aren't all mine) and I made a mental note to take the ring off as soon as I got home. Well, the usual chaos ensued and I forgot. Not only did I forget to take my ring off I but I proceeded to garden, take out all the trash and recycling, break down cardboard boxes, do dishes, laundry, snuggle each kid into their beds, clean up the kitchen, make myself a bowl of ice cream because I felt sorry for myself that my husband was working late and then sweep the floor while talking to my aunt on west coast time only to realize THEN my diamond was gone. I frantically searched until 11:30 at night to no avail.

I have to admit I took it all pretty well if I do say so myself. (P. agrees!) It was insured, I was trying to be detached yada, yada, yada. I was fine until the jewler made me cry when I tried to get my money back for the repairs. "What did you do? You broke off 3 prongs...that took something." I just stared him down and said I just did the same job I have been doing for nine years and I lost my diamond two weeks after he "fixed" my ring. Needless to say I got my money back.

I planned on giving it the weekend before calling the insurance company to see about making a claim seeing as that bad boy was the most expensive thing we owned for many years! Well, we were bumming around the house this evening and P. took out the rest of the ice cream to have a bowl (it was his half since I had eaten mine solo the other night.) He's sitting there eating his B&J Half Baked when he bites down and goes "OWWW!" He pulls something out of his mouth and asks..."is this your diamond?" Why yes, yes it is.

Needless to say we are very thankful and rather amused. He's been praying to St. Anthony and I had decided to ask this little favor of Fr. we'll see who gets the credit!! The kids are going to think this is hilarious, even if Biki does complain she didn't get any ice cream.

All's well that ends well! Maybe we can win some sort of contest from B&J for that story! : )


:o) mg said...

So glad you found it, if not for the sentimental/material value, but for the even more valuable "peace-of-mind" worth.

Sara said...

That is a great story!! Proves my theory that ice cream solves all problems!