Monday, August 16, 2010

There's a reason they have to reach the age of reason...

There was an 'incident' this evening involving beads all over the floor. It could have been Beanie, it could have been Momo. Beanie was sitting at the table next to it drawing, not her normal behavior after doing something wrong. Anyway, she obviously had seen it or watched Momo do it without calling the alarm because there was some serious guilt when confronted with the situation.

During interrogation by Dad the following ensued:
"Beanie did you do that?"
"No." she answered not entirely convincing anyone.
"Well then who did it?"
"Maybe it was some weirdo....(pause)....or something."

Weirdos are the people we look for in public restrooms etc. just so you know.

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Mollie said...

Hey there! I just came across the address for your blog in an old file and decided to check up on you! I love all your family stories and look forward to talking to you soon! ~M.U. in TX