Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brave new world....

While I don't think counselors should be proselytizing on the job and do think they need to be able to counsel everyone no matter their orientation I was horrified when I read the article below:

The part that scared me the most was the dean of the school talking about what was unethical: "(T)he unethical part (was) applying your own personal beliefs and values on other people and not truly accepting that others can have different beliefs and values that are equally valid as your own." (Emphasis mine.)

No. I even looked up the word valid in the dictionary. Won't work. I believe there's an objective moral order people.....and I can love people and treat them with the respect they deserve but that DOES NOT MEAN I THINK THEY ARE RIGHT. In fact, to quote the catechism, I can think they are "disordered" and still love them. I am thinking that wouldn't pass the 'validity' test. Hmmmm.

Ok, just had to get this off my chest.

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