Monday, August 23, 2010

Commandment Catechesis

Sometimes at prayers we go over the 10 commandments for an examination of conscience. All 6 of us were in the room together and by the end of it I was weeping from trying so hard not to bust a gut laughing. Some of the highlights:

*The Conqueror kept beginning each commandment with "God shall not...." Uh, not exactly.

*Honor you mother and father evolved into a tangent of whether certain parties would rather belong to other mothers instead of the ones they were given by God. We weren't really getting anywhere but the non sequiter on the subject came from the Conqueror again...something along the lines of, "Well, yeah because we would be the Joses or something." Why do my kids end their statements with something? I must do that.

But the best one come from Biki on "Thou shall not bear false witness." When asked what a lie was she exclaimed "I do!" and then in one hurried breath gave the following example:

It is like when mom has a chocolate bar and eats it and then someone smells chocolate and asks was that a chocolate bar and Mom says no...THAT'S A LIE!"

Ok, for the record, I usually just don't answer. I really don't think I lie. Let's be honest, I know they are smart enough to figure it out.

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:o) mg said...

Who needs full disclosure anyway?