Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tummy Trouble

We are having some tummy trouble around here. Nobody's sick, but one little person has a very opinionated tummy that tells her what she can and can't eat or do. It is very frustrating.

"Bean, time to pick up toys."
"Wah....I can't pick up toys my tummy hurts."
"Stop whining and pick up toys."
"My tummy says it is too tired to pick up toys."


"My tummy says it doesn't like corn."
"Tell your tummy it has to eat the corn."
Then she starts having her tummy talk in this tiny voice, "I don't like corn."
"Too bad, and take two bites."

Needless to say we've been giving her tummy numerous talking tos. It also needs a few time outs!!

And another Beanism just for fun.
The Bodeans were playing on itunes and she was sitting in front of the computer and just starts yelling out, "Oh no!!!! He's in trouble again!" with her hands on her face ala Home Alone. "What, who's in trouble??" yell out all the other kids and she just replies, "Oh nobody, it is just a song." That kid loves the shock factor.

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