Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heard around the house...

Me: Why is this baby doll wet?
Them: Beanie baptized it.
(I knew there was a reasonable explanation.)

Me: Who did this (some mess or other)?
Them: It wasn't me Chad. (pronounced shod for those not of Falk lineage.)

And just for fun I thought you should all know that Momo is a ridiculous ham. I am in so much trouble. Today at mass she was out behind the glass doors but would run where her brother and sisters could see her with a cardigan on her head like a hijab in order to elicit laughs...from the children who were supposed to be in mass paying attention. She also ran into mass for the handshake of peace saying "pees, pees" in a baby voice holding out her hand.

And to top it off I heard great laughter from the siblings during dinner and looked over at her to see her drinking a cup of water with all her pizza and carrots stuffed in it . When she realized she had done something funny she started hamming it up even more...scrunching up her nose, clapping for herself, dancing in her chair. Like I said....TROUBLE.

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:o) mg said...

I know it's nearly midnight, but I don't get the "shod/Chad" thing.