Wednesday, May 26, 2010

H...e....double hockey sticks

Can I just admit I am feeling a lot like this these days??? A trip to the pool with two sweet boys age 8 and 13 will do that to me, combined with a little too much healthy radio addiction (Hello...turn it off!), Greece, and a ton of other stuff. Good thing there's prayer and such. I get like this sometimes, a little crazed let's just say, and my dear husband is smart enough to just let it slide. When I say things like, "I change my mind, I don't care if my kids drown, I want my own pool!" He just says "OK." and lets it go. Smart man.

Anywho, summer is here and we are excited! We'll be doing a bit of homeschooling to keep up our skills! That's our favorite phrase for some reason it just works magic in making my kids work on academic stuff...they must have their mother's competitive streak. Next week includes swim lessons, but not before an exciting cousin visit. Then a long overdue trip to NOVA to see the fam.

Beanie wants to go to California so she can see her cousins S. and C. because she thinks they live there together, never mind that she's never seen those two cousins from two different places and sides of the family at the same time. She also wants to know when she can stay in a hotel and get "breakfast food". It is amazing what kids remember and how they remember it.

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Katie said...

A pool in your backyard! Your aunties in Seattle, STL will volunteer for monthly lifeguarding shifts. And we'll promise to have adult swims every two hours...! Lap swims, water v-ball, endless activities! As long as you provide the whistle.