Saturday, June 19, 2010

Facebook is awkward.

I have a love/hate relationship with FB.

I gave it up for lent and that gave me a litle bit of perspective on it. The pros- it is an excellent networking tool and allows me to be in contact with people that I wouldn't otherwise have been in contact with. I have connected like minded people across the globe through the wonders of the FB universe. It also has a fun everyday element of chatting with the girls in cyberspace, but it has a dark side.

On the one hand there's the elementary school problem of making declarations and posting pictures of events to which others aren't invited. That doesn't really bother me too much unless it is totally gratuitous. It is one thing to post pictures and another to say "I can't wait to have a party with 5 of my FB friends." and then have them all comment on it. AWKWARD.

What has really got me is the issue/problem of FB friend apostelate. I don't usually seek people's opinions out on matters of church doctrine and moral conscience and I have a feeling that my views are known somehow anyway. But I wonder...what are my obligations when people who profess my same faith constantly make declarations about issues that are contrary to church teaching. It never comes up in our regular dealings but it seems almost constant in our FB dealings. There's a friend, and then there's a FB friend and let's face it, they aren't quite the same thing. Would they be offended if I brought it up in real life? Like I said, awkward.

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