Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rough day at the office...

Today's events included a baseball practice a lunch date and a trip to the driving range with 5 kids. Sometimes I forget that I am actually just better off NEVER leaving my house with all of my children much less an extra one, particularly when P. is out of town.

You would not believe the looks I was getting at the driving range. In exasperation at one point I let them all go to the practice sand pit to try out their pitching wedges while I kept the baby at the whole other end of the range with all our stuff. What could go wrong right? Wrong. They weren't in my line of sight totally and all of a sudden I hear the starter yell, "Hey watch what you are doing you are going to hit someone!" That was the end of that. Yes, today I was *that* mom, the harried lady who bit off more than she could chew. But it was worth it when the birthday boy turned to his buddy and said, "Wow!!! That was fun wasn't it?" at the end of it all.

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