Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Boy

I am now the proud parent of an 8 year old. This is big....I remember being 8 years old. This really means I have to stop trying to fake this parenting stuff and had better start getting it for real!!! I love how he still thinks he's getting bigger with every birthday and insists he didn't turn 8 until 1am last night because that's when he was really born. I also love how he's such a team player and is, for the most part, really good to all of his sisters. In return, they are good to him. They just sat watching him hit golf balls today and I just kept hearing, "Good shot birthday boy!" It is good to remember those times that they are all actually getting along.

He's all boy...loved his archery set but was excited about a little play hamster too. I am happy there's still so much innocence in him because I know that's hard to come by these days. I think other little boys he knows seem to have, sad to say, lost their imaginations, so I am glad he still has his. I love how he belly laughs at story time...Mrs. Piggle Wiggle can bring him to tears.

Did I mention he finally got a hit in baseball the other night? Not only was it a hit, but a RBI AND he made it to home. Just what the doctor ordered after a long string of KOs and foul balls. I loved hearing him explain it to everyone in an excited tone. Reminds me to be thankful for the little things!


Kathleen said...

We love him!!! Hope he got our B-day message!!!

:o) mg said...

First of all, Happy Birthday to such a handsome, well-mannered young man.
Second, high fives for the great ballgame performance.
Third, golf, too?!?! Wowzer!!