Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Take 2

I wanted to cut down the ivy on my porch (ok its not ivy but you know what I mean) but now it is bloom. I figure P. would like to see it so in the interest of full disclosure here it is!


Sara said...

and it smells SO GOOD!!! what is it again, honeysuckle??

:o) mg said...

Looks like Confederate Jasmine and if closing your eyes and breathing in its intoxicating fragrance makes you wish you were wearing a long linen dress and sipping mint juleps, it most certainly is Confederate Jasmine. LOL

South Paw said...

Keep the pretty growing things on the front--it looks so nice!

Oh and I did see your comment under fire ants about the fact that we don't have them so you must move back!!! at least hopefully for a long while!