Sunday, May 31, 2009

Michael Phelps eat your heart out.

It is pool season and the conqueror is into it! I told him he had to learn how to swim before he could learn how to ski and when he heard mom skied at 7 he's gung ho to give it a try if we make it up north.

Anyway, last year at the end of swim season I got them all these flotation suits from Speedo...knowing I would have 4 kids who didn't know how to swim and no hubby. Anyway, they are a big hit and #1 keeps telling everyone, "I HAVE A SPEEDO SUIT!" and I keep wanting to laugh because it sounds like he's talking about the real thing...ala the fat Europeans!

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South Paw said...

if you haven't heard the fisher's aussie friend 'in me back pocket' story ask barb to tell it to you or ask me--hilar. u really need to send me a pic of all of them in their speedos!