Wednesday, May 6, 2009

He's ruining my life...

Cookie Monster that is. You see my girls have some sort of weird fascination with him, particularly his image as it appears on Pampers. I am a name brand diaper enthusiast, having tried the other brands and decided the savings wasn't worth it. So...every package has a few Cookie Monsters in it. It all started with Biki and I would have to hide all the Cookies from the package until the other ones were gone because otherwise she'd go hunting for them. Inevitably she would tear apart whole boxes full of diapers looking for the "cookie mons". I will find piles of diapers neatly sorted with all the cookie monsters set aside. Vern! V-E-R-N!!!

Well, she passed her obsession onto Beanie who also searches for the cookies. But it is getting worse. I worry they will indoctrinate baby. I recently found them tearing apart a whole package of baby diapers trying to find the "baby cookie mons!" When I ask someone to get a diaper it takes four times as long because they are searching for the cookie monsters. Argh. If I wasn't so attached to pampers I could solve this problem. Hmmm....can one practice detachment from diapers that work? I guess so.


Anonymous said...

Be glad it is not Big Bird. His voice sends shivers down my back!

:o) mg said...

Elmo is my cheese grater. I'd like to choke him.
I'll tell ya, I'd put Sams Club's diapers (Members Mark) up against a Pamper any day of the week.
(I used to be pretty brand snooty too... I "loved-me-some-pampah".)