Saturday, February 14, 2009

A tiny seed?

Or maybe I am just getting overzealous-

I have heard Beanie on numerous occasions say that she was going to marry Jesus or God. I have no idea where she heard about this.

She'll just be in the back seat talking about it. "I marry God!" So, what the heck, I use that opportunity to talk about vocations. She's only 2, but we might as well start sometime!! : )

Maybe we'll luck out and not have to pay for any wedding's since Biki has already declared she's not getting married! In fact, her new plan is to "not do anything." When asked how she's support herself and buy food she explained she'll just go get some. And when asked how she'd pay for said food she had it all figured out. "I have lots of money in my piggy bank!" Then again, a wedding might be cheaper than supporting her forever!


South Paw said...

maybe Sr. bean can start an order that cares for single women so biki will be set!

Anonymous said...

Biki the Barista?