Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cultural Commentary

So, I thought we'd go out to dinner tonight so I could chat leisurely with the kids while we ate and I wouldn't feel antsy about getting up and cleaning in order to get moving on the bedtime routine.

We chose Pizza Hut only because poor Conqueror has 3 book it rewards certificates and has never gotten to redeem them. Bad idea. Why do restaurants have both a radio going and three tvs on separate channels all blaring? I got the waitress to mute the tv closest to us, but all of my kids were mesmerized by all the images. So much for conversation. It was like I was eating alone. I tried to get them to talk to me but you could see that they really couldn't focus on me with everything else going on. And you wonder why there's an increase in ADHD and autism.

On another note, why do two people go out to dinner together only to talk and text on their cell phones to (presumably) other people the entire time? WEIRD!

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South Paw said...

Geegs- you need to see the move Wall-e when you get the chance---he completely rips into the same thing you mention