Friday, November 21, 2008

Days 8-11- Getting Better at this

This week has gone by relatively quickly. I think its because P. will be joining us for 3 days after Thanksgiving before shipping out. I get many a question about "how many days till daddy comes?" When I give the answer, huge smiles break out across their faces. I just hope its not too devastating when he has to leave again. Maybe I am wondering more for myself than for them.

We have altered our bedtime routine a bit since P. left. Now after prayers but before 15 minutes of story everyone gets a mommy kiss and hug and a daddy kiss and hug from me before going to kiss their picture of daddy. They each have a framed photo with daddy in their room. It is so cute because they are so excited to get "real daddy hugs" for "four whole nights!" when he comes home.

We'll have to change everything with the bedtime routine once he leaves for good though because the Bean has to wean. I always swore up and down that I would never nurse a two year old but low and behold I have been doing it for almost 3 weeks! At least she has never asked to nurse, although her speaking is improving daily. I am just praying I wean her before that point- I am so ashamed!!!! We went to the park in the stroller yesterday since it was in the 60's and she had fun trying to do everything the big kids did. On the way back as we followed the Conqueror, riding way too far ahead, back she cocked her head up at me- slightly backwards- and said in her cute little voice- "I a big keed mom!" And then she broke into a huge smile. I just smiled back and said, "Yes you are!! And big kids don't nurse." What the hell, I thought I would try to reason with a two year old. I keep hoping she'll just miraculously give it up.

Tonight I am praying for a dear friend who's only 3 weeks ahead of me with her pregnancy and has been assigned to bed rest for the next 2 months- at least. I pray for her and her baby. And try not to think about what would happen to our family if something like that happened to us at this juncture. Who would I call? No family nearby, few good friends. Yikes. Why am I always so selfish and thinking about myself?? Perhaps that's why I need this deployment combined with a new town and a pregnancy......true love is death to self. Hopefully I will be too busy too think about myself.

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