Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 2

We're surviving. This is going to take a lot of discipline-on my part! I can't stay up night. Biki and the Conqueror report they miss dad and are sad. Bean keeps asking about "my dad?"..."my dad?"..."my dad?"

I have already had people call to check on me and someone at school, embarassingly enough, wants to do meals for us. I would like to hold off until Rocky IV appears, but we'll see. I need to work on humility.

Words from the peanut gallery-
Conqueror: I am trying to do well in school. It is kind of sad we won't play any chess games for a long time. The tree cutters and lawn care guys came yesterday and it was cool watching them. Bye.

Biki: I have a little cold but I have lots of snotty noses too. And I miss you. I love you but I am going to write some notes to you. I am going to make some pictures to you to send in the mail.

Bean: up five fingers. Bye dadee.

We had a Megyver moment- I had to figure out how to fix the garage door. Mission accomplished. For the record, I didn't break it. The lawnmower guys did. : )

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