Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 6- A small gift

I have experience going to mass alone with the kids on Sunday. I would avoid it at all costs and park it in the cry room when I did have to do it. So, I was worried about what our first Sunday on our own would bring. I have to say, it could have been worse. Everyone was well fed, the girls had drinks and cheerios and books. And we sat where the big guys could see. All in all it was OK. The Bean kept trying to run up to the window of the side chapel as we were in the front row with no chairs or kneelers in front of us. As long as she was quiet I really didn't care. I am sure some people thought I was too lenient, but if I got too aggressive with the discipline we would have all ended up in the Narthex. At that point, I feel like no one is getting anything out of mass.

Anyway, I consider such Sunday mass experiences a gift. And I was thankful!! After mass kind friends hosted us for lunch before basketball and the rest of the day went by quickly. The kids insisted on eating in the dining room because it was Sunday! And for the sake of tradition we had snacks and kiddie cocktails! : )

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