Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Dear Snobby Overpriced Chain Women's Clothing Store,

We used to have a good relationship. I would go to you and spend a lot of money and you didn't mind that I brought my kids. In fact, you had a kids bench with toys and books in your dressing room. But now the price of an embellished t-shirt has risen to $40 bucks, yes forty bucks, and my kids are no longer welcome. Don't think I don't notice that no one greets me when I walk into your store with a toddler even though there is no one else there. Or that no one, once, speaks to me or asks me if I need help the whole time I am there. OR, to make matters worse, you did greet and help other people who came in after me. I heard your online maternity line is cute, but you guys must really not get your demographic if you are going to treat mothers like dirt in the store. I will go elsewhere thank you very much.

That is all.


BurchFam said...

Anne Taylor?

Sarah said...

Anne Taylor LOFT? I got the same treatment when I went in with my baby in stroller. Except I got my embellished t for 15$, because there was a sale. Who's laughing now? Me. And my baby. :)

MJDMom said...

Oh yes, it was Ann Taylor Loft. They aren't getting a dime from me!

Wendy said...

Oh, my gosh. You know, I hadn't thought about how our culture doesn't willingly embrace children extends to things like this. Wow. Way to go, touting a maternity line, and yet not knowing what the heck to do about maternity when it's actually, physically, staring you in the face.