Thursday, March 31, 2011

Because I am one of those people who only posts cutesy kids stuff.

And I am ok with that, really.

* The other day we went past the infamous restaurant H, double o, you probably can figure out the rest. It seems that emergent readers just can't resist sounding out the letters of the bright orange sign. Biki immediately sounded it out and asked, "Mom, what's H ** #@&$?" Oh Bik, it isn't an appropriate place. "Is it for kids?" No. "Is it for adults?" No. "Who is it for?" No one should go there, Bik. It isn't appropriate. "Well, who is it for?" "Jerks" said her big brother, who sounded out the same word about a year and a half ago. Lest you think anything at all get past kids.

*Beanie asked the other day, "Mom, how did God make himself?" He didn't Biki. He's always been here. "Well, who made God?" Nobody made God, he's always been. "WHAT THE....?" she replied.

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:o) mg said...

ok lady, busy or not, I KNOW your kids have said something cute since this post....
I feel a bit like a drug addict.. "come on man, give us the stuff."