Monday, October 4, 2010

You're stretching kid.

Beanie has taken P's absence rather hard. She doesn't like the fact he's gone and expresses it often. She also uses the fact that she "misses her daddy" as an excuse to not do anything I ask her. Don't get me wrong, she's had genuine bouts of uncontrolled sobbing that breaks my heart. But there is another element at play as well. It is almost as though she wants to see what she can actually get away with, so to speak. Case in point: This morning she was famished and I stil had errands to run so I gave her some french fries from McDonald's (and if you judge me you can just go read some other blog.) Then later on the day she starts whining uncontrollably for fries again. I keep telling her no and she tries a different tactic.

"I miss my daddy. And I need to get french fries because my daddy's gone. And my daddy likes french fries. So I need french fries because I love my daddy."

Nice try.


:o) mg said...

hugs to little bean from one who understands self-soothing spuds.

:o) mg said...

*with spuds, that is