Friday, October 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes

One of my favorite blogs does this....

1. Extreme Makeover Home Edition always makes me cry...but the one they aired last week on Respect Life Sunday was the best ever. It was a family of 8 adopted adults whose parents had passed away. The 6 youngest all had downs syndrome and the two older ones had moved home to take care of them. It was really beautiful and they were totally on Long Island, dad was a firefighter, statue of Mary in the yard, crucifixes on the walls. Anyway you should go watch it online at abc's website.

2. On respect life Sunday we went to the life chain. I didn't want to go but a certain 8 year old who just figured out what abortion is DID want to go so off we went. A news camera came and filmed footage. There were a lot of families there, a lot of kids, a lot of young people and young moms. Who did the woman choose to interview? An old white guy. Luckily I know him and I know he's a physician and eloquent, but still. That just bothers me.

3. Wrinkles + zits = unfair.

4. I don't know whether to be mortified or edified that my son was given a new pair of shoelaces by his teacher because his old ones were worn out. Yes, I had noticed it but it really hadn't got up too high on my priority list. He informed me "she just had them" at school. Oh how I wish. I fear I am turning into *that* mom.

5. Speaking of *that* mom, I feel like we are always on the verge of chaos. Unfortunately, sometimes our delicate system breaks when I rely on the fact that a 6 year old will remember their lunch or a 3 year old will remember shoes for Sunday mass. Then I just want to lose it but I think it is best just to enjoy the ride!

6. Did you know that in a pinch the armrest covers for booster seats can be used as booties? (see above.)

7. I could write a whole post on fashion and how more and more I am feeling I am in a really weird place. I am much too old for certain trends (lumberjack plaid? been there, done that) and I am not sure where to look for clothes anymore. Just walking past "Forever 21" makes me embarrassed. I went in there a while back looking for the cheap jewelry with about 3 kids in tow and the sales teenagers pretty much sneered at me! And today I saw an older woman, probably 20 to 25 years my senior, looking very sharp in the exact same top I just got. She looked really great but that was depressing. Oh well.

1 more week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:o) mg said...

I am so dying laughing at the armrest covers for booties thing... but, hey, if the shoe fits, right?

South Paw said...

those are hilar, geegs. you should go into business repurposing armrests..

I also feel awkward going into Forever 21...don't worry. Boden and H&M you can definitely shop at---I see all ages in there...young twnetysomethings, our ages and women mom's age too. I think many of the styles are for our age range. Boden has some great sales...personally I've never bought anything but almost bought an Audreyesque dress. Have you seen the new LLBean 'signature' line maybe that's what it's called? The stuff isn't cheap but I bet it's pretty well made and it's super cute!