Friday, October 29, 2010

The Princess Diaries

When I started out as a mother I was convinced that I was going to avoid all things "princess." I didn't care for it, half the princesses were not dressed appropriately, my daughters won't need such sentimental crap. Fast forward 6 years... I pick my battles and appropriately dressed princesses are a-ok around here. The love of princesses is being passed down from sister to sister to sister. Just the other evening at bedtime we had a little helen keller moment with our budding talker. Momo pointed to her sister's princess nightgown and started yelling "Wrella, Wrella, Wrella." She was pointing to C*nderella! Needless to say her sisters were overjoyed and Momo has been finding "Wrella" everywhere else since then!

And a beanieism just for fun. We have guests over and Beanie announced at dinner "If you want to have some more wine you can have some!" We all laughed and said she was a kind hostess and she replied, "Well yes, I am nice."

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