Friday, September 10, 2010

Remembering.............a work in progess

I can't believe it has been nine years. I look back and I can remember it like it was yesterday. I hear people down here eulogizing it and I can't help but think that they have no idea what it was like. I know, I know that sounds so ridiculous since I was in no way immediately affected by it. Still, I feel my life was changed forever that day. I was not at the epicenter but I was close enough to be afraid, very afraid.

The Conqueror is old enough to ask about it now and so I have told him the story a few times, modified for his earnest self. I don't want him to be paranoid like his mother.

We had been married exactly a month to the day. I was in class that morning. It was a beautiful sunny day. Unbeknownst to be I was in the early stages of pregnancy with the Conqueror. I was to find about him 10 days later. Before class started we were aware tha a plane had hit We were in class and people on their laptops started whispering. I could see pictures

Gotta make dinner....and can't figure out how to save a draft

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