Friday, April 16, 2010

What does it all mean...the fashion edition?

I have been trying to attack problem areas of my home over the last few weeks. The other day I was working in my closet and hanging up all of my shirts since I do not own a dresser. I even channeled a few of my old roomies and hung them by color. Do you know what I noticed? Every single shirt was solid color, no prints, no dots, no stripes. I later found one shirt in the laundry that I just bought that has some blue ovals on it but that's it. I have a serious aversion to horizontal stripes but other than that I have not made any conscious decision to limit prints. Hmmm... I must be getting old!


MJDMom said...

Ok...due to some recent 'issues' we will be going to registered comments only!

:o) mg said...

yikes... hit by spammers?

First of all I am envious of your hanging space (I have an "armoire" and I use the term lightly), secondly, if I were to sort things by color it would nearly seem like a plus-sized White House/Black Market store. Though lately I've tried to branch out.

South Paw said...

having no prints doesn't mean you're old you just prefer solids...but maybe you should find a cute navy and white (or blk white) polka dot shirt or or skirt to vary your wardrobe...add yellow summer shoes (or fun yellow cardigan) and wizbang you're newschool cool!