Sunday, April 11, 2010

Still waters run deep.

Biki likes to spend a lot of time alone. It gets so that she tries to bribe Beanie to get away from her. Beanie will come running into me and ask for candy. When I say no she gets upset and it comes out that Biki told her that she could have candy if she left her alone. Nice try.

Anyway, I always wonder what Biki is thinking about alone. She tends to sit on the bench on the deck and stare out at the trees, often hugging our outdoor statue of Mary. (I did snap a photo...I just have to get the camera fixed so I can transfer pics.) I am beginning to think that she does some praying out there all alone because today I had this conversation with her:

"Bik, is Momo out there on the deck all alone?"
"Really?" I ask not really believing her.
"Yes, she's got her guardian angel and God."

Right! Why didn't I think of that!!!

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