Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Birds....

Ok, I am bit behind on chronicling our adventures but I did want to let everyone know we had a bird in our house and I got him out all by myself. Last time I dealt with a bird I was about 10 and I called over my nice neighbor Mr. Pepple who grabbed a dish towel, threw it over Buddy the budgie (we were so awesome at naming things) and promptly returned him to captivity.

This time, it was a WILD bird. I was in the kitchen and heard a bump at the window and thought a bird had hit the window like usual. But as I look up it happens again and I realize that it was on the INSIDE. I yelped.

The kids reactions varied from fear (oh no a bird!) to excitement (oh cool a bird!) to rage (get out of here you bird!). Long story short it perched itself up in my open kitchen cupboard and was chirping at us from behind the medicine basket. (Don't worry mom, I disinfected afterwards.) The kids were screaming at it to leave and I convinced them we couldn't catch it or kill it (that wasn't my idea...guess who grabbed a weapon though- Biki!) but that we'd have to trick it to leave through one of the doors. It was so weird to see it perched in my kitchen chirping at me, it was like he was talking to us. Anyway, we gradually got it into the laundry room and opened the two doors to the outside and it left. Or so I think. Either that or its dead behind my washer. I don't have the guts to check.

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