Thursday, March 11, 2010

Future Hoarder?

Beanie loves to pack up little purses and bags with things and drag them around the house and elsewhere if permitted. Today she had her little sister's tea party set bag filled to the brim and was carrying it around like a purse slung just so over her shoulder. I had to see what she had in there and this is what I found:
  • a couple of pieces of the fabric tea set- a mug and saucer and the teapot
  • a mostly empty bag of craisins
  • a bag of princess wipes
  • a tire gauge
  • 2 travel bottles of travel hand lotion, courtesy of aunt k.
  • a baby Tylenol bottle
  • a pen
  • tinker toys
  • a doll baby blanket
  • a nail clippers (she cuts her own nails daily while her older siblings are afraid!)
  • a colored pencil
  • another small blanket, this one with a little giraffe on it.
  • some stars and shapes from a stacking toy and a sorting toy we have
  • the weekly calendar sent home from first grade with the week's activities, assignments, and subjects studied

Whew...I am tired just thinking about lugging all that stuff around. Oh wait, my purse is worse!!!Anyway, thought I would give a bit more insight into the secret life of bean.


:o) mg said...

my favorite: tire gauge
too funny!

South Paw said...

Give her a big kiss from her godmommy!