Friday, August 28, 2009

Thoughts for the day

  • Why is Halloween getting so big? Catalogs arriving in the mail, candy and costumes out and it is over 2 months away? Oh wait, I even saw Christmas stuff today! ARGH.

  • Again on Halloween, why do people have to be so twisted about it and try to scare kids? It is like they delight in terrorizing the little people. It reminds of going to our local toy store a while back. There was a guy in a big Curious George mascot outfit waving at kids. My children were not amused, in fact, they were terrified. I kept telling him to go away and telling them, "Don't worry, it is just a guy in a big costume." And then the saleslady kept saying, "Oh no, don't ruin the fun!!" What the???? What is her sick idea of fun. All this being said, we are trying to take back Halloween, I am not giving up on it!

  • And lastly on this Feast of St. Augustine here's a quote for us all to ponder, "Do everything in your power to obtain the salvation of those in your family." Strong words. And if anyone can tell me how to balance that with "being in the world, but not of the world" I am all ears! What a fine balancing act it is.

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South Paw said...

Your mention of being accosted by Halloween paraphenalia and being in the world but not of it made me think of a friend's idea. Just as you filter your computer, have it in an inconvenient place and don't watch much TV/movies so should you guard your home as to what comes in via benign clothes and other thingies catalogues and even emails. You have the control just like a monastary or convent as you are building a 'monastic home' to steal from Fr. Scalia.